Around the year 2003 Bryan flew out to Arkansas where he purchased this 1988 tree truck and drove it back to Tucson. 

It only did about 55-60 mph max, which made for a slow drive!  Thankfully he had no problems on the road!  

He fixed it up some and used it for about  eighteen months before deciding to sell it.

It was a fun adventure and good learning experience buying and owning this tree truck!

(The pictures above are of the owner of Absolutey Trees​®️ - Tree & Palm Services, one photo is at about sixteen years old (in his freestyle biking days) and the other photo is at around forty years old, still enjoying climbing on a tree Removal job!  

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Absolutely Trees​®️ - Tree & Palm Services a tree service in the Tucson AZ

How this Tree & Palm Services company began...

Absolutely Trees​®️ began the summer of 1999 just after Bryan and his wife were having their first of four children. Bryan worked in a machine shop at the time and need to make some extra cash since his wife wouldn't be working as much after the baby was born.  One of his co-workers who owned a landscaping business suggested he get into the tree business, since Bryan wasn't afraid of heights and had enjoyed climbing trees when he was younger.  Thus began the journey of learning the ins and outs of the tree industry through training seminars, other tree associates and just plain persistent hard work! 

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