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The photos below are an exmple of a Eucalyptus tree that was a safe distance away from power lines.  We were able lift the tree away from the lines with a crane truck in the direction of the front yard.  All movement of tree limbs were a way from the power lines and the crane truck was able to park in front of house with boom reaching to the tree, not ever having to go past the center of the tree, keeping it a safe distance form the lines.
The first photo on the left is of the tree before cutting it down and the photo on the right is the finished tree job after loading the trees smaller logs and cleaning up of the tree debris.

Here we are using a crane to cut down and load a palm tree.

View from palm Tree being cut Down in oro Valley AZ
Mesquite Tree being cut down in Tucson AZ area

​​​​Here at Absolutely Trees - Tree & Palm Services in Tucson we can get most any tree cut down for you!

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Typically there is only one exception of trees we won't work on and those are the ones dangerously close to power lines. We will work with trees that have been cleared to a safe distance by the power company, but even then there are a few trees and palms  we choose not to work on given the power line risk involved.

(T.E.P. has specially trained tree guys to work safely around high power lines, please stay clear of power lines and trees or palms that have branches touching power lines ... call T.E.P. immediately for trees or palms with branches/fronds touching the power lines.

Stay away, stay alive! - the tree or palm and the ground around the tree or palm could be energized, so keep clear of it.) 

Trees cut down is the same as our removal service but technically is the proper description of what is really happening.

We do not transplant or plant trees but we do cut them down and grind the stumps if you desire that to be done also!  

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